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Favorite Plants
Favorite plants...for me it may remind me of a person or a moment of time. For Dave it's more about texture, he likes natural stone, the bold texture of hosta. Take a look at some of our favorites; hopefully they will inspire you for your garden. All the photographs on this page were taken in our garden.
Peonies are a must for our garden. Their heady scent is intoxicating as we walk through the yard. And it never fails that once those beautiful buds open a thunderstorm is guaranteed; and then the petals fill with water and droop over. I look forward to peonies every year. 
Oak leaf hydrangea (Hydrangea quercifolia) - A large plant with coarse foliage that turns a magnificent burgundy in the fall. 
Coleus (Coleus sp.) - An annual plant that comes in a wide variety of foliage color, shape and size. A must every year in the Fox Creek garden, coleus looks great in a display bed or a container planting. 
Harry Lauders walking stick (Corylis avellana 'Contorta'), photo taken early spring with elongated catkins. During the growing season this plant looks like a 7' green mound, but in the dormant season it is spectacular. 
Spring flowering bulbs...any color, any kind, anywhere. Nothing is more refreshing than the first color of spring!