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Dave's Projects
Jack of all trades, master of many. My husband has many talents and quite often is too modest to share them. That's why I developed this page to share with you the Dave that I know.      
Mary DePentu
A few years ago Dave aquired his long awaited Mack truck. I'll update the webpage as he reconditions this '87 
1978 Cheverolet One Ton
Shop Cat (yes, that was his name) lending a hand. 
New fender
Almost there.
Working again! 

Sorry, we do not provide snow removal service. 

Spring, summer and fall Dave takes care of his customers. Winter is the time he works on his equipment and takes care of my "to do" list. 
The oak for this project, including the floor, was from the April 2003 ice storm. Dave and my father cut the fallen trees, then Dave hauled about 25 logs to our property to allow them to cure, before bringing to be cut into lumber and milled. Dave installed the flooring, built the wall panels, window and door trim, the bookcase and fireplace mantel. It was a constant battle with dust throughout the house, but worth every moment. And now it's spring. With Fox Creek customers as his priority, the tile around the fireplace will have to wait until next winter.
He built the shop in 1991 and in 2011 it was time for a new roof. It's always nice to have friends that are willing to lend a hand. 
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